Yes, all of our products are independently tested by a 3rd party. Our lab tests can be found in the product descriptions on each product page.

Creams, gummies, and dry capsules are THC free, tinctures are <0.25 percent THC

Our creams contain 0.0% THC, so they are safe for those who must take a test for the positive presence of THC. As with all hemp products, using our Full Spectrum oils creates the chance that a positive test for THC could be triggered despite there only being trace amounts present in the oil. We recommend that you consult with your employer or doctor before taking our Full Spectrum products if a positive test for THC is a concern.

CBD oil can come in “CBD isolate” or “Full spectrum.” The isolate is 99.9 percent CBD oil. “Full spectrum” means CBD oil contains everything else the hemp plant contains, including the cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and flavonoids. These compounds together can produce an entourage effect which amplifies the beneficial effects of the CBD oil. 

Our tinctures come in different concentrations of CBD. The more milligrams of CBD in the tincture the more CBD there will be per drop. Everyone is different and require different doses so it is best to try something simple to start and see what works for you. If you are new to CBD oil we recommend the 750mg tincture or try our gummies!

The most common method is to put a drop or two under your tongue. Or put it in your food or drinks.

Yes. Our products contain <0.3% THC so we are allowed by U.S. federal law to ship to all 50 states.

Our CBD is extracted using CO2 extraction. This is more expensive than ethanol extraction but it ensures a clean, high-quality product. It also ensures our oils keep their important terpenes, flavonoids, and other critical compounds.

Our products are produced in an FDA registered food-grade facility, we take the extra step to ensure safety and quality by having all products independently tested by a third party.

Our products are heavy metal and pesticide free.

Shelf life is 2 years if kept out of sun and heat

The oils and creams are vegan, the gummies and dry capsules are not.

Yes our products are gluten free.

Return Policy

Customers unsatisfied with their orders have 30 days to return products for a full refund. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Send all returns to: Strategic Nutrients, 6130 Blue Circle Drive, Hopkins, MN, 55343.